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December 28, 2019

Calling all hiphop old school djs, We are launching a strictly old school radio station online. And we are constantly looking for old school hip hop djs, to feature a 55minute set. Your mix will be reviewed and you will receive an email confirmation of the date and time of your passing on the radio app. We want to be the hub for everything that is old school. The one stop shop for old school hip hop. The Golden Era!

If you miss the 80's 90's era, are as passionate as we are, and would love to showcase music that you really love, music that represents you 100% (no radio or club rules) Strictly music you love,

Please send us an email at with your Dj Name, City, Country, a cool picture (HD preferable) 2 social media links, and an audio file by wetransfer of a 55minute set of your old school mix, (1986-2004 ish) and we will contact you soon. Your mix will be featured amongst the best old school djs around. 

We have 2 streams, one 90's R&B (Brandy, SWV, Horace Brown, New edition, Mary J, Aaliyah, Next, 112, Donell Jones etc) and one strictly hip hop old school ( Big L, DITC, Wu-Tang, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Mobb Deep, Kurtis Blow, Nas etc) Please state for which mixshow stream your mix will be adapted for.

Thanks! Get Scratchin' 


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